Complete simple and dynamic lessons at your own pace.

Over 100 hours of content designed specifically to produce results.


Gain a solid understanding of basic Forex concepts and the Trading Institute platform. These courses offer you an introduction to technical and economic fundamental analysis, and how it impacts currency.


Master basic concepts introduced in Trading Institutes Beginner courses. Learn to grasp more complex trading concepts like risk management, money management, trading rules, and more.


Bring your new skills into the marketplace and start making successful trades. Learn to align market indicators through confluence and analyze probabilities for maximum returns.

Our Students Succeed

Trading Institute offers world-class education that you will find in no other institution. Our courses are fun, easy to follow, and reliable. The skills you gain at Trading Institute will allow you to build a foundation for your future. You have the opportunity to have a successful career trading Forex. All you have to do is seize it.

Simple Lessons

“I tried learning how to trade Forex but there was way too much information online and I had no clue where to start. Trading Institute made things super simple, like watching cartoons, and saved me years of studying.”

– Corey

Saves Time

“I’m a working mom and didn’t think I would have time to learn how to trade Forex but I was wrong. Trading Institute truly prepared me to start trading in no time. Now I work from home and get to spend more time with my son.”

– Danielle

Solid Income

“Talk about bragging rights! There’s nothing that feels better than getting to tell my friends and family I’m a expert trader. Forex changed my life and let me live the lifestyle that most people work their whole life to achieve.”

– Blake